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Learn To Tune A Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is never difficult especially if the beginner has a passion for guitars. A part of the learning process is learning how to tune the guitar. Tuning the guitar may seem very difficult when in fact it is not. Here are some quick steps to learn how to tune the guitar:

1. The guitar player should first identify if the guitar is in or out of tune. A guitar is out of tune if the chords are played but the sounds do not seem right which means that it is time to tune the guitar.

2. The sixth string is usually the string that is always in tune because it is the largest string and does not go out of tune easily.

3. When tuning the fifth string, all a person has to do is place the finger on the sixth string on the fifth fret. He can then strike the sixth string. After that, he can strike the fifth string. If the sounds created were not the same, he can make the fifth string tighter or loosen it depending how low or high the pitch has become.

4. The person can do the same process on the fourth and third strings placing the higher string on the fifth fret and striking it. Then he can strike the lower string and if they do not create the same pitch, he can either loosen or tighten it.

5. When tuning the second string, he can place the finger at the third string on the fourth fret and either tighten or loosen the third string to match the sound of the second string.

6. Placing the finger on the second string and press on the fifth fret will be the method to tune the first string and then he can strike and follow by striking the first string open. He can either tighten or loosen the second string to match the sound of the first string.

7. To check to determine if the guitar is in tune, all he has to do is try a chord. If the guitar still does not sound in tune, he can do the process again until he is able to fine-tune the guitar.

This is the easiest method of tuning a guitar. There are also electric methods to tune a guitar, but this traditional method is the most efficient. Once a beginner is able to learn how to tune a guitar, learning to play it will never be that hard.


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