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Reinforcing Cat Training

Training animals in the zoo or circus is just like training the cat at home. It starts by getting the tools necessary then practicing daily until the pet does it right.

One of the most dreaded things that the cat can do to one's home is ruining the furniture with its sharp claws. Studies have shown the cats do this to mark their territory - similar to dogs that urinate in a certain place. To stop this bad behavior, it is best to buy scratching posts and install them in areas the cat frequents in the house.

Given that there are many types of scratching posts available and cats can be picky, one should experiment with the different kinds until one is able to find the kind that your cat will love. When the cat does scratches the post instead of the furniture, the pet should be praised and given food to let it know it is correct and will get the same treatment again in the future.

Another problem that cat owners face is waste. Should there be some found lying in the house, it will make the house smell and nobody wants that. To solve this, one should get a litter box and teach the cat where to go when there is an urge.

This may take some to learn so you should be patient and oversee the cat's behavior. When the cat begins to show signs that it is about to release, the person should pick the cat up and rush it to the litter box. Hopefully, the pet will reach the litter box in time but if not, then the owner should be prepared to clean up the trail of waste left behind.

Since many people work or are gone for long periods of time, one may come home to a house with waste in the living room or in another part of the house. The best way to train the animal is putting the waste in the litter box then bringing the cat to the box for it to get used to the smell.

When the cat begins to do it on its own, then the pet should be rewarded with praise and food.

There are many ways of teaching the cat how to behave if you decide to keep it indoors. The best way is still reinforcing that behavior instead of punishing the animal since it will make the cat learn the rules of the house faster.


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