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Making One's Home Well-organized

The ideal home should be safe and clutter free for everyone in the household and visiting guests. This can be done even if that person has a big or small home and as long as everyone in the house pitches in by taking on some of the responsibility.

This can be done at any time one feels like doing it which will make the home look more relaxing from the busy activities that happen at school or at work.

1.The first thing to do is to clean up the house. There shouldn't be any clutter in the house to avoid accidents from happening. There shouldn't be toys or books lying around. Books should be placed on shelves while toys should be placed in the cabinets.

2.Old stuff such as clothes, books and other things that are no longer needed can be given away or placed first in the garage and once it has been accumulated, the people in the house can organize a garage sale and make some money out of the used stuff.

3.Old newspapers and bottles should also be gathered in one area then can be sold at the local junk shop.

4.The kitchen has a lot of things. By organizing where the pans, cups and plates are located, it will make it easier for the user to find it instead of turning the kitchen upside down and creating a mess. Knives and other sharp objects must be kept away from the children to prevent an accidents.

5.Important numbers such as the police, fire department and poison control to name a few should be posted near the telephone. This will make it easier to ask for assistance should anything happen at home.

6.A first aid kit must be placed in a common area so it can be used by anyone should someone get injured. This should be checked from time to time to make sure there is sufficient stock.

7.Mail comes in the door almost everyday. With the many occupants in the house, one can make a small tray with the name of each individual so when that person comes home, that person will easily see there is something waiting for him.

8.Important documents at home must be kept in a safe place. One can buy a vault to hide papers like birth certificates, passports, money and jewelry. If this is too expensive, one can try perhaps asking for a safety deposit box in the bank for this to be stored.


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